Country Girl

BFI Doc Society: Made of Truth


Pearl Doughty-White


Ellie Evans


Production support


Lilith has lived an unconventional life. Self-styled and self-sufficient, she has finally made a home for herself in the wilds of rural Wiltshire after years of drifting. Her days are spent making the long journey to and from the stables where she keeps her beloved horse Meg, a temperamental creature who requires incredible sensitivity and devotion - something that Lilith offers in abundance.

The deep bond she shares with Meg is a balm for the pain in her past and the particularities of rural poverty, compounded by isolation, lack of infrastructure and the harsh judgement of others. But when Lilith’s benefits are cut, her already precarious existence becomes unsustainable. Even the support of a small cast of friends who help her out with a spare tenner or a ride to the stables whenever they can, themselves living on the margins, isn’t enough.

Exhausted by the endless wait for a court date that never comes, Lilith must finally take matters into her own hands, relying on the attitude and ingenuity that have seen her survive greater trials than this. COUNTRY GIRL is a portrait of youth in a time of precarity, and of a life lived defiantly out of joint.