BFI Doc Society: Made of Truth


Joya Berrow


Lucy Jane


Orban Wallace


Production support


Woven between the relationship of place, people and process, the film is located at Tinker’s Bubble community in Somerset, meeting the other residents through Eve’s eyes, from her family, mentor, to the oldest member, Mike, who is 82.

We meet Eve at a crucial point in her life. Since moving to the community 9 months ago, she has had a home education with her sister Verity (11), existing primarily within the community. Now, Eve has decided to go back to school in September in the closest town. Having been a victim of bullying at her previous schools, she is fearful of what’s to come, as she lives a significantly alternative life to the other children. Eve, therefore is a uniquely deep insight into the anxieties of a young girl returning to school, where the idea of mixing with other children and fear of bullying is making her hyper-aware of the way she has chosen to live.

Simultaneously, Eve is becoming aware of the state of the world and questioning where we go from here with her generation at the helm. Our past conversations with her have led us, the filmmakers, to see how highly developed her consciousness is for such a young person - living in a community that is fossil fuel free, way beyond carbon neutral and has been for the last 25 years. A passionate member of Extinction Rebellion, Eve has a more matured awareness of the pressures that modern society put on our planet than many adults.