Grenfell: Phoenix From the Ashes

BFI Doc Society Fund


Wyn Baptiste


Dom Asbridge


Kate Buckley


Production support


The Grenfell Tower fire is Britain’s most devastating blaze since World War 2.It claims 72 lives. And changes thousands more forever.Among those who escaped, lost their homes and watched their neighbours die, are residents who had warned this was a disaster waiting to happen.And it could happen again. At any moment. Tonight. The infamous flammable cladding remains on hundreds of buildings. In the words o fone survivor “Grenfell 2 is on the cards”.As the bereaved mourn their lost loved ones and survivors grapple with their trauma, ahead lies along road. It’s littered with obstacles, as they challenge the system that allowed it to happen, strive to hold the guilty to account and ensure the horror of that night is not repeated.This film follows people directly affected, who are challenging systemic negligence, greed and abuses of power, on a journey that will take them around the UK and across the world.These are ordinary people living in the wealthiest borough, of one of the world’s richest countries, being let down by the oldest democracy on earth–and, as government and corporate interests appear to close ranks, they have a fight on their hands.Everyday people thrust into the most extraordinary circumstances. A community determined to rise again, like a “Phoenix From The Ashes”. This is their story.