My Blonde GF

BFI Doc Society: Made of Truth


Rosie Morris


Rebecca Mark-Lawson


Production support


In November 2020, a neighbour knocked on Helen’s door to tell her he had seen explicit photos of her on a porn site. Helen had never shared intimate photos of herself so she didn’t believe it, until she saw for herself. Her face had been digitally edited onto images of women in sexually explicit scenarios. Helen felt violated and paranoid. She called the police, who said there is nothing they could do, no crime had been committed. Through the journey of the film, Helen will share her experiences of this increasingly common form of non–physical sexual violence and the impact it has had on her mental health. In an attempt to understand how this happened, she will trace back the original images that were collected from her social media accounts.The audience will stare directly into Helen’s eyes as she describes the manipulated images of her body and confronts her unresolved feelings about who created these images and why.