Northern Ballers

BFI Doc Society: Made of Truth


Rebecca Mark-Lawson


Rhys Lewis


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Andy is a 6 foot 5, 15-year-old living in inner-city Leeds with one dream: to make it to the NBA. He spends his days playing ball in the streets until one day he gets the opportunity to play for a brand new team, Leeds LDM, and compete to get into the English Junior National Basketball League. Andy came to the UK from Cameroon when he was 7 and is determined to show the world that a kid from Africa can make it in basketball. Despite his height and skill at the sport, Andy has never achieved the ultimate basketball goal: the slam dunk. With GCSEs fast approaching and familial pressure to pursue academics rather than sports, will Andy be able to focus on basketball, help his team get to the league and most importantly... will he dunk during a game?