Undiscovered Country

BFI Doc Society: Made of Truth


Pinny Grylls


Sam Crane


Julia Ton


Production support


When most people gointo Los Santos, the vast and intricately designed virtual world of Grand Theft Auto Online, they might do a heist with their friends. Or build up their drug running empire. Or just goround blowing shit up. Sam, aka rustic-mascara6, has decided he’s going to put on a production of Hamlet, inside the game. Every step of the way he will be followed by the avatar of his wife, documentary filmmaker Pinny Grylls. He’s found a theater - the Vinewood Bowl. He’s auditioned his actors, including the ferociously talented but volatile bobby_baby13. Now he has just 4 weeks to rehearse them and get the show ready for thebig opening night.Welcome to the chaotic, ultra-violent and beautifully poetic world of live Shakespearean performance in GTA.